Recruitment Advice for Small Businesses

Recruitment Advice for Small Businesses

The success of a business is built on the caliber of its staff. This may sound like a bold statement but it’s undoubtedly true because no matter how good a product is; employees are the driving force behind the machine of the company they work for and the last thing a business owner wants is staff dropping a spanner in the works (literally or figuratively!). A technical recruitment agency like Cartisian knows that even the best staff will have off days. People aren’t robots and mistakes will be made but the difference between the resulting fallout is usually comparable to the size of the business. Larger companies are often able to mitigate losses and recover quickly but this may not be the case for compact businesses  where even smaller losses can cost dear.

A tightly knit team can be just as effective as strength in numbers but those working in the small sector tend to be niche companies and ones that rely heavily on word of mouth where business news – good or bad – travels fast. Employees are responsible for making sales and delivering on quality, vision and the “mission” of a company on a daily basis and so it makes sense that in order to protect the reputation of their brand – business owners would do well to view their staff as their most important asset and see the recruitment process as an investment – a financial investment and one that can be guided by the following pertinent advice:

Make Use of Referrals

When you already employ a quality member of staff; it makes sense to ask them to refer others because they will know exactly the kind of person you are looking for and who they can best work with! Trusted contacts within your industry sector network can also come up trumps too.

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Advertise on Niche Job Sites

Many smaller businesses are looking for someone who stands out from the crowd to truly accentuate their company brand. You can interview candidates with the same qualifications or technical expertise but the personality fit for your team is just as important.

Stay Local

It may seem old fashioned to place a “wanted” ad in the local paper but sometimes the old ways are still the best. A small company with a BIG local presence will often have the best candidate for the role right on their doorstep.

Consider a Trial or Freelance Basis

A small business with low staff turnover is going to want to keep it that way. Hiring on a trial or freelance basis can provide both company owner and candidate breathing room to see if they are as good a fit in working life as they can appear to be on paper.

Write an Accurate Job Description

This is quite possibly the best piece of recruitment advice available and yet the one most frequently overlooked by small business owners. It is no surprise that roles do tend to be more fluid in order to accommodate the needs of a smaller company, but management should not be surprised to encounter difficulties when expectations were (by accident or design) not made succinct enough.

Look After Your Team

A company may only be as best as its best employee and so it is important to cultivate a culture of empathy, transparency and an “open door” communication policy for employees whilst celebrating their strengths and providing healthy mentoring and training. When you’ve found the right people for the roles – the last thing you want to do is lose them.

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Consider the Services of a Professional

Most small businesses will be able to successfully recruit by following the tips above but for a role that requires specific technical expertise or where time is of the essence; a professional agency could also be the best source for recruitment advice.


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