Rearranging books

Rearranging books on shelves is about more than just tidying up. It’s a nuanced art that brings the pleasure of order to one’s fingertips. There’s a thrill in deciding this order. Should you go by alphabetical, genre-based, or perhaps colour of the spine of the book, each yielding a different aesthetic? Should fiction and non-fiction intermingle, or stand apart?

Rearranging also means revisiting stories, ideas, and memories. Forgotten gems resurface as you sift through the entire pile, triggering nostalgia or inspiring a re-read. Some books came as gifts with a personalised message and date. Then there are the old second-hand ones with some intimate stranger’s name and message written on them.

The arranging process transcends organisation. It’s a journey through time, tracing the evolution of one’s interests and passions. There’s a subtle joy in arranging favourites prominently, like spotlighting treasured performers on a stage. The physical act holds a therapeutic quality – the sound of pages fluttering, the scent of paper, and the tactile wonder of handling each volume. It’s a friendly meet-up with cherished companions.

Ultimately, the rearranged bookshelf isn’t just a display -it’s a testament to a reader’s odyssey, an ever-evolving joy waiting to be explored.


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