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Letters to the editor

I agree with letter writer Ann Truax’s call to address climate change and move away from fossil fuels (“Can we reclaim our summers?”). The most significant source of greenhouse gas emissions comes from the transportation sector, so government at all levels should be doing everything that it can to encourage electric vehicle adoption. That is why I am concerned that, included in Congress’ reconciliation package, is an incredibly narrow increase in the federal electric vehicle tax credit that would apply only to union-built cars. Only five union-built cars – out of 55 electric vehicles on the market – would qualify for this tax credit. Some of the most popular models such as the Tesla Model 3 or Nissan Leaf, would not be eligible. Experts agree that tax incentives are necessary for electric vehicle adoption to make the price points comparable to gas cars.

As a new and proud electric vehicle owner, I can attest to the critical role tax credits play in helping facilitate the switch. Car buying is a personal choice, and many Americans will be more open to electric vehicles the more choices they have. If there are 55 options versus five, you will get more vehicle owners to make the switch. The tax credit should have one purpose: getting more green cars on the road to help cut our nation’s carbon emissions. If we are serious about addressing our use of fossil fuels, Congress should rework this proposal to apply to all qualifying electric vehicles.

Sarah Wilson, Eugene


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