RayTech Servicing Goes Live with Leasepath Enterprise – Monitor Daily

RayTech Servicing, a provider of outsourcing and asset management solutions for the equipment, vehicle and renewable energy finance industries, has gone live with Leasepath Enterprise, Leasepath’s cloud-first equipment finance originations and portfolio servicing platform powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. Leveraging this technology, RayTech will offer a more comprehensive suite of services for facilitating and approving finance applications and contract servicing from inception to termination.

RayTech chose Leasepath Enterprise because of its suite of features and functionalities for both lease and loan servicing, including the ability for users to manage multiple companies, contracts and portfolios in a single solution with flexible workflows, automated processes and real-time reporting. Through Leasepath Enterprise, Raytech also has the ability to build additional functionality within the Power Platform.

RayTech was the original collaborator with Leasepath on Leasepath Enterprise. According to Leasepath, RayTech’s expertise and feedback have helped shape Leasepath Enterprise into a reliable platform that meets the needs of the lease and loan industry.

“We pushed Leasepath to quickly build more sophisticated capabilities to support our complex portfolio servicing needs, and they responded. Being the first customer to go live on Leasepath Enterprise gave us the opportunity to partner with a great team on this groundbreaking project,” Melissa Riggs, chief operating officer of RayTech Servicing, said. “Leasepath Enterprise has transformed our servicing operations and enabled us to deliver faster, better and more efficient service to our customers. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Leasepath and exploring new ways to leverage their innovative technology.”

RayTech is already servicing multiple companies on the platform, leveraging Leasepath Enterpris’s ability to handle multiple companies within one tenant of the solution, allowing RayTech to achieve cost savings while providing customer servicing excellence to high-volume customers.

“RayTech is a valued partner and a pioneer in the lease and loan servicing industry,” Jeffrey Bilbrey, CEO of Leasepath, said. “We are fortunate to have them as our first live customer on Leasepath Enterprise and to showcase their success story. Leasepath Enterprise is a game-changer for the lease and loan industry and we are excited to collaborate with RayTech and their diverse customer portfolio needs that cover both the retail and commercial finance space.”


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