‘Rare supercar’ to return to the UK as an EV in radical shake-up… 20 years after taking motor off the market

A MAJOR car firm is set to bring back one of its motors as an electric vehicle – two decades after it was discontinued.

Honda are tipped to bring back the NSX as an EV as part of a major electric shake up by the Japanese firm.

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe said the NSX EV will have a 'completely different taste' to past models


Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe said the NSX EV will have a ‘completely different taste’ to past modelsCredit: Honda

CEO Toshihiro Mibe revealed that the company were “researching sports cars in the EV era” and were “steadily progressing” with the production of the new motor, but they yet to reveal what the vehicle’s production would look like.

The Honda NSX is poised to hit the market in 2026, more than 20 years since it discontinued the first generation model.

By the time the company pulled the plug in June 2005, the NSX achieved total worldwide sales of more than 18,000 units.

Bosses say they are striving for a car with reduced battery weight, increased interior space, and enhanced efficiency – all of which will help achieve a ‘joy of driving’ feel for the motorist.

Mibe added that the NSX will “have a completely different taste” from any performance car Honda has launched before.

The stalwart car marker will be hoping to put aside the short-lived yet fiercely popular Honda E.

The Japanese pulled the model from sale in the UK and Europe, despite it only being around for three years.

This was likely to do with the fact that it fell short of its sales targets, with an initial 4,028 moved in 2020, falling to 3,752 in 2021.

Likewise in Japan, the model has only sold just over 1,500 units across its production run.

It also came in for criticism over its price, with a base model clocking in at over £37,000 for only 137 miles of range.

For perspective, a Tesla Model 3 is only £41,000 while you can pick up a Hyundai Ioniq 5, which has a 315-mile range, for the same price as the Honda.

The brand credited the E as an important “spearhead” in their push toward an all-electric lineup and re-emphasised its commitment to this goal going forward.

However, those plans will not include the little hatchback, which won Top Gear’s City Car of the Year in 2020.

“We can confirm that Honda E will no longer be available for order in the European region,” a spokesperson for Honda said at the time.

“Honda E spearheaded our strategy to electrify 100% of Honda’s mainstream European line up by 2022.

“As the first Honda production BEV in the region, it brought many new customers to the brand with its distinctive design, advanced technology and trademark Honda driving dynamics.

“Honda will continue to intensify its electrification efforts in the European region.”


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