Rare Apple price drop makes the iPhone 15 ludicrously affordable

It’s very rare to find big discounts on the latest Apple iPhone models but that’s exactly what we’ve found for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

These two great smartphones only launched six months ago but there are huge savings to be had on them if you buy via, a UK retailer owned by trusted high street brand Currys.

If you buy the 128GB iPhone 15 directly from Apple it costs £799, but currently has an amazing deal that gets you the iPhone 15 on a 24 month contract at £29.99 per month with a £59 upfront cost.

That gets you unlimited calls and texts and a whopping 100GB data per month, far more than most people will chew through over 30 days.

The overall cost spread over two years for this deal is £778.76 – that’s just over £20 less than the cost of the iPhone 15 on its own from Apple with no phone plan at all. The deal gets you a plan with iD Mobile, a mobile operator owned by Currys that uses the Three network.

In the review of the iPhone 15, technology editor Dave Snelling said: “If you’ve been considering an upgrade for a little while, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are a great place to take the plunge.

“Overall, we’ve been dazzled by the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, which are both a significant step up from previous models.”

There’s another deal that gets you 500GB data per month for £29.99 per month and £79 upfront, or you can even pay £99 upfront for the same monthly price and get 900GB data. That’s a huge amount of data that it’s very hard to find at such a low price. notes that all its contract deals are subject to mid-contract price rises every April – something that affects all mobile contracts in the UK.

Alternatively, is selling the iPhone 15 SIM free for £699, £100 less than buying from Apple, but you’ll have to get your own SIM card and plan.