'Raising and then dashing hopes is another example of Johnson misgoverning'

The PM delaying his plan to end restrictions comes after he dawdled on imposing tough travel restrictions for India, where the Delta variant was first detected.

Perhaps we should rename it the Johnson variant, as this domestic delay until July 19 will mean yet more expense and inconvenience for millions of people.

Public health must come first, of course, and when a third wave would risk another clampdown, heeding expert advice is welcome after Johnson fatally ignored it in the past.

Wedding venues, as well as brides and grooms, will be relieved they’re an exception but additional financial support may now be required for workers, self-employed grafters and business owners left in the lurch.

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Raising and then dashing hopes is another example of Johnson misgoverning.

Heart starters

Danish football star Christian Eriksen was both unlucky and lucky.

Unfortunate that he’s relatively young at 29 to suffer a cardiac arrest and fortunate he could receive the best possible treatment.

Many others die from delays or lack of care, which is why the Daily Mirror is campaigning to make defibrillators widely available.

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MPs battling to change the law deserve Government support, or the Government itself must step in and put defibs in every school, sports club, major shop, pub and community.

Before he was PM, Boris Johnson backed the Oliver King Foundation, created in memory of a Liverpool schoolboy who died after a cardiac arrest during a swimming lesson with no ­defibrillator available.

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Johnson must walk the talk now he’s in No10.

Fire fighting

Four years on from Grenfell, we salute the determination of survivors fighting for justice and campaigns by families in accommodation deemed fire risks.

Nobody should need to stand up like this but the Government miscalculated if it thought working people would quietly go away.



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