Quiz of The Week: 25 – 31 July

Britons who jumped at the opportunity to head for some sun in Spain kicked off the week in a panic, rushing to leave the country or face quarantine on their return after the government removed it from its safe-to-travel list. 

The hurried decision set the tone for a week in which concern over a second wave grew around the world. Outbreaks were reported in Germany and Belgium, while further afield the US and Brazil continued to grapple with the pandemic.

In the UK, fears over rising unemployment grew as the government was warned about the impact of ending the furlough scheme in October and the full impact of the pandemic on jobs became clearer

To find out how closely you’ve been paying attention to the latest developments in the pandemic, and other global events, put your knowledge to the test with our Quiz of The Week:

Need a reminder of some of the other headlines over the past seven days?

With the US election edging ever closer, some pundits began to question Donald Trump’s commitment to winning a second term, following a string of unforced errors in the president’s campaign.

Meanwhile, rumours continued to swirl over who presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would select as his potential vice president.

Social media users “walked off” Twitter for 48-hours in protest at the site’s response to anti-Semitism, while an independent report into UK policing found that officers have struggled to handle a two-decade rise in “confrontational protests”.

Boris Johnson announced that the government is gearing up for a crack at solving Britain’s care crisis. After more than a decade of delay and failed attempts, the prime minister said that his government “won’t wait” to fix the problem of social care that “every government has flunked for 30 years”.


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