Questions to Ask When Hiring a Miami Dram Shop Attorney

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Miami Dram Shop Attorney

The teenage driver accident rate is high in Miami. According to 2016 stats, there were around 1533 accidents in Miami involving minors. One of the reasons for teen driver accidents is drunk driving.

The Florida dram shop laws prohibit sale of liquor to minors.  If you have suffered injuries due to the recklessness of a minor in an intoxicated state, you can claim monetary compensation for damages including physical injuries. However, you need to contact a Miami Dram Shop Attorney to make a proper claim. Here we have offered tips to find the right lawyer.

Do Some Research

The Internet can be an excellent place to start the search for the best dram shop lawyer. A simple search would give you several options. You need to scrutinize each dram shop lawyer’s website. The website should furnish essential details like name, educational qualifications, years of experience, and specialization.

Free Consultation

Many attorneys offer a free consultation that gives the person the right to determine whether the lawyer is right for the job. If the attorney does not offer a free consultation, ask the fees before making an appointment.

Types of Compensation

If you are injured in an accident in which a minor was driving the car under influence of alcohol, an experienced Miami Dram Shop Attorney can help seek damages in the form of monetary compensation. A dram shop lawyer can help you in getting compensation for the following:

  • Property damage 
  • Medical expenses (current and future medical bills)
  • Loss of wages
  • Physical suffering and mental agony caused by an accident.
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The dram shop laws differ with states. Only an experienced dram shop lawyer would have in-depth knowledge of dram shop laws in your state. 

Years of Experience

Florida Statute 768.125 laws prohibit liquor sale to a minor. The first question to ask the lawyer is how many years he/she has been practicing as a dram shop lawyer. You can ask how many dram shop cases they have won until now and what was the nature of the issues.

It is necessary to know the level of experience as dram shop law can be interpreted differently.  You need to ensure the lawyers know how to find strong points of the case to build an argument.

A good lawyer would study your case prior to the first meeting and share your details of how the case can be turned in your favor.

What Are Your Fees?

Before finalizing the attorney, it is always good to ask for the fees before hiring their services. There are different types of charges like

Consultation fee – it is generally a fixed charge while some attorneys charge on an hourly basis. If the attorney takes your case, ask whether the first consultation fee is included.

Contingency fees – the fee is based on the compensation awarded to the client. A 1/3 price is standard. If the attorney does not win the case, you do not pay the attorney fees but only pay the expenses.

These are some of the essential questions you need to ask the attorney before hiring his services. It will help you determine if the attorney can get you justice at an affordable rate.

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