QMx releases Star Trek: Discovery-era Enterprise badge replicas – Daily Star Trek News

MAY 20, 2022 – If you’ve been biding your time before committing to a Star Trek delta badge for your jacket, bag, or cosplay uniform, you now have another option to consider.

TrekCore is reviewing the long-awaited Star Trek: Discovery-era badges from QMx. The badges were announced back in 2019 but had been yet to appear, which they finally did at Star Trek Mission: Chicago.

The metal badges are replicas of the ones seen on screen, representing the four divisions on board the USS Enterprise: command, science, operations, and medical. Each full-size badge, with a magnetic clasp, comes paired with a smaller, 1.25” pin-backed version of the same design.

For the full review with lots of photos, head over to TrekCore.

If you like what you see, the QMx badge and pin sets are available to order now from Amazon.


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