Punjab cuts power tariff for domestic consumers

The Punjab government on Friday announced a reduction of 50 paise to Re 1 per unit in power tariff for domestic consumers in the state. This move shall result in financial relief to the tune of Rs 682 crore to these consumers, as per a statement by Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Punjab, a Congress-ruled state, will go to polls early next year. “In view of the hardship being faced by the weaker section of society due to the pandemic, the per unit tariff for domestic consumers with load up to 2kW (kilowatt) and consumption slabs of 0-100 units and 101-300 units have been reduced by Re 1 and 50 paise, respectively,” it said.

For domestic consumers having load between 2-7kW and for consumption slabs of 0-100 units and 101-300 units, tariffs have been reduced by 75 paise and 50 paise, respectively. The new tariff will be applicable from June 1 to March 31, 2022, with the previous year’s tariff , which was delayed because of the lockdown last year, being effective up to May 31.

The tariff for small and medium industrial consumers has not been changed while less than 2 per cent increase has been made for large industrial consumers. Besides, special night tariff will continue for the industry. Special night tariff with 50 per cent fixed charges and energy charge of Rs 4.86/kVAh (kilo volt ampere hour) for all industrial consumers using electricity exclusively during 10 pm to 6 am next day has been continued.

On the demand of the industry, the facility for use of electricity by the night category consumers, during the extended 4 hours of 6 am to 10 am at normal tariff, has been extended for the whole year including during the summer/paddy season of 2021-22. The statement said industry has been offered reduced energy charge for consumption of power exceeding the threshold limit.

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“The Commission decides to continue with its policy of encouraging the industry in promoting the productive use of surplus power by offering lower energy rate of Rs 4.86/kVAh for consumption of power exceeding the threshold limit,” it said.



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