Promoting culture at high table: Uzbek language to be used at UN for the first time

Local languages are increasingly used by Heads of State and Heads of Government at global platforms. In this spirit for the first time in the contemporary history of Uzbekistan the Head of the State will deliver his UNGA speech in Uzbek language this year.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a close partner of India, will participate in a high-level debate at the 75th anniversary session of the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday. Mirziyoyev had twice visited India in recent years to expand strategic partnership.

In his speech the Uzbek President will outline to the international community his vision of topical issues of the regional and global agenda as well as the priorities of the political, social and economic modernization of Uzbekistan.

It is expected that Mirziyoyev will put forward a number of initiatives aimed at strengthening international peace and stability, ensuring sustainable development, deepening constructive dialogue in the region, tackling with climate change and eradication of poverty.

Elected in December 2016 as President of Uzbekistan Mirziyoyev initiated series of pathbreaking reforms.

Mirziyoyev’s reform agenda puts special emphasis on political and economic liberalization, education and innovation as well as strengthening national integrity and patriotic feelings especially among youth. In April this year President signed a decree celebrating October 21 as the Day of Uzbek Language every year.


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