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Premium Bonds: How to check if you’ve won February's £1million prize draw

National Savings and Investment (NS&I) has updated the Premium Bonds prize checker for January 2022, so that people can know if they’ve been lucky and won the huge sum. NS&I launched Premium Bonds in the 1950s and it has since become popular with millions of people across the county.

A winner is announced at the beginning of each month in the prize draw.

The winners of the latest Premium Bonds £1million jackpot prize will be announced on February 1, 2022 which is on a Tuesday.

Two winners will be picked and secure the Premium Bonds £1million top prize.

Many other people have the chance of winning between £25 and £100,000 each month and could be sitting on a windfall they hadn’t been expecting.

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NS&I are Government backed meaning any money deposited and withdrawn is financially secure.

Any deposits made with Premium Bonds are 100 percent protected from any potential harm or fraud which explains its long-term success with savers.

The winners from January’s prize draw have been picked and savers are urged to check their bond numbers.

How to check

Britons are advised to go onto the NS&I website and use the Premium Bonds prize checker to see if they have won.


For the first time, through Alexa, Premium Bonds will have a voice. It can now tell people
• whether or not you have won a prize each month;
• how much;
• when the next prize draw is; and
• if you have any unclaimed prizes

To use this feature Britons will need to open the Skill on the Alexa app and follow the steps.

They will also need their NS&I number or holder’s number.

In the January 2022 draw, NS&I said 3.3 million other prizes will be paid out this month worth between £25 and £100,000.

A total of 3,352,872 prizes worth £96,395,075 will be paid out.

Britons can check to see if they have won in January’s prize draw online.

Even if they haven’t won anything in the latest draw, they could have missed a previous win.

A huge £74million is still unclaimed in NS&I Premium Bonds prizes since the savings accounts were first introduced so it’s worth checking.

On the NS&I’s website, savers and bond holders are able to get guidance on how to boost their chances of taking home the grand prize thanks to advice provided by the frequently asked questions page.


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