PMQs LIVE: 'People PAY PRICE of Labour' – May fury at Corbyn's Brexit 'shambles' attack

The leaders went head to head after both came under renewed pressure over apparent Brexit U-turns, with just 30 days to go until the UK is due to unshackle itself from the embattled bloc. Mr Corbyn launched an extraordinary attack on Mrs May saying “austerity is not over” as he questioned whether any of the number of “burning injustices” are a priority for her Tory Government. But Mrs May hit back reminding Mr Corbyn he has voted against measures she has put in place to fight inequality and says it’s “working people who always pay the price of Labour”.

Prime Minister Theresa May sparked fury when she announced in the House of Commons on Tuesday that if her Brexit deal is rejected, MPs will be offered two separate votes by March 13 on whether the UK leaves with no deal or delays Brexit beyond March 29.  

While, Mr Corbyn has faced a major backlash after he announced the Labour party would be supporting a second referendum in his desperate bid to prevent a Tory Brexit.

The move drew harsh criticism from Brexiteers who insisted that this was Labours next attempt at delaying the Brexit process.

While Mrs May enraged Brexiteers after announcing that Brexit could be delayed if Article 50 is extended in her speech to the House. 


12.31pm update: May accused of ‘putting lives at risk’ 

Green leader Caroline Lucas says: “In a no deal Brexit imports of medical supplies to be handled by the same company who were unable to deliver chicken to KFC. 

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Ms Lucas said it was “horrifying” that May’s “stubbornness is putting lives at risk in bargain bucket supply deals”. 

But May replied: “The department for health and social care is taking the necessary steps.” 

12.29pm update: May urged to explore Norway-style Brexit 

Tory MP George urges the Tory leader to explore Norway-style Brexit 

But May says her “first aim” is to bring back her revised deal for a meaningful vote. 

12.26pm update: May launches attack on Labour over anti-Semitism 

She says: “You can never be too apologetic about anti-Semitism. 

“They lose the honourable member for Liverpool and try and keep they keep the honourable member for derby north, it tells you all you need to know about the Labour leadership, present but not involved.

“And perhaps, if the Labour leader actually wants to take action against racism he would suspend the honourable member for Derby north.”

12.22pm update: May says Sturgeon’s SNP is ‘betraying’ Scotland 

May told Ian Blackford an extension of Article 50 “does not solve the problem” before telling the House: “The real people betraying the people of Scotland are the SNP government.” 

12.19pm update: May is ‘blackmailing’ UK 

Scotland’s Ian blackford urges the Tory leader to “end this Brexit madness” 

The SNP politician accuses May of “betraying” voters in Soctland, saying “100,000 jobs in Scotland are under threat from no deal. Why is she still blackmailing this country?

“Today the SNP will rule an amendment to rule out no deal – will she vote it?”

12.15pm update: Corbyn says austerity is NOT over 

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He tells the House: “Austerity is clearly not over, people are low incomes are getting poor, while people at the top get richer.

“This Government’s shambolic handling of Brexit is compounding years of damaging austerity.” 

But the PM hits back saying: “It’s working people who always pay the price of Labour.” 

12.12pm update: Labour would be WORSE for UK economy – May 

May tells Corbyn: “I’ve just explained to him what we see, the positives under this government in relation to this economy. And the consistent growth, quarter by quarter that we have seen in our economy under this government.

“And what do we know would be the worst thing for the economy in this country?

“It would be a run on the pound, capital flight, and £1000bn of borrowing under a Labour government.”

12.08pm update: Corbyn slams May for ‘shambolic’ Brexit  

Before asking his first question, he says Labour “strongly supports rapid dialogue between India and Pakistan”. 

The Labour leader says Bank of England forecast that “growth for this year will be the slowest in over a decade”. 

He asks: “Does the Prime Minister blame her shambolic handling of Brexit or her failed austerity policies for this damaging failure?”

“The Prime Minister defends the figures, and argues employment is high and borrowing low.

“Can I say to the Rt Hon Gentleman, first I think he should have seen the report that actually showed that the expectation is that we will have higher growth in this country over the coming year than they will have in Germany.

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“But he talks about the economy – let’s just say what we see in the economy under a Conservative government.

“More people in work than ever before. Unemployment at its lowest level since the 1970s. Borrowing this year at its lowest level for 17 years and the largest monthly surplus on record. Conservatives delivering more jobs, healthier finances, an economy fit for the future.”.” 

12.06pm update: Labour blasted as ‘hard-left’ 

Tory MP Julian Knight calls on Mrs May to agree that Labour-led Birmingham council should sort out the bin strike.

He said: “It shows what would happen under a hard-left government.” 

The PM replied saying it was a matter for the “Labour-controlled” council to sort out and agrees it proves what a hard-left Labour government would look like.

She added: “Under Labour councils you pay more and get less.” 

12.05pm update: May urged to ‘call time’ on Brexit FARCE

Labour MP Virendra Sharma urged Theresa May to “call time” on the Brexit “farce” and call a second referendum.

But Mrs May hit back saying she had answered 82 questions on Brexit in the Commons on Tuesday. 

12.01pm update: Theresa May begins by addressing India Pakistan crisis 

The Prime Minister called for “restraint” between both nations, saying the “UK is deeply concerned about rising tensions”. 

Additional reporting by Luke Hawker 



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