'PM veers all over place in wonky performance as Freedom Day mistake is clear'

Isolating at Chequers after his Covid skipping scam provoked a backlash, Boris Johnson last night gave another of his wonky supermarket trolley performances.

The Prime Minister veered all over the place, this time announcing Covid passports for clubs and other crowded venues after previously opposing them.

Delaying their introduction for eight weeks also smacks of a PM grasping for a PR announcement when people are rightly concerned about the dropping in England of laws on masks, social distancing and entry registration into, for example, pubs.

If he’s a man with a proper plan, Johnson is certainly hiding it well.

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Hailing today as Freedom Day in England was always a huge mistake. The more cautious approach of Wales, led by Labour First Minister Mark Drakeford, underlines why it didn’t need to be like this in England.

Play fair on pay

Britain deserves a pay rise after the pandemic and that includes nurses and all the million-plus NHS staff and carers who risked their lives to save ours.

Boris Johnson must be forced to think again if he believes recently awarding the George Medal to the health service is a low-cost ­alternative to a decent wage rise.

However deserved that honour, it won’t pay the bills.

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So a PM who clapped workers after they saved his life – before clamping their cars by reintroducing hospital car parking staff charges – must pay fair.

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Because an insultingly small increase would unleash hell and the Conservative Government would never be forgiven by the people.

Heated debate

Sweltering sunshine, record temperatures and disruptive, furnace-like heat at night is welcomed as a glorious British summer across much of the country.

But is anybody secretly wishing the mercury would drop a little and that even a few raindrops fell from the sky?

Go on, be honest.



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