PlayStation 5 text message scam going around – Poc Network

Consumers should be on a watch out for a text scam that has been plaguing thousands of smartphone users, all promising the same thing: “You won a PS5!”

Individuals have been getting a message that looks around the lines of “The PlayStation5 Recently Dropped : You’re Chosen As Today’s Winner! Grab Yours By Tonight, [current date here]-[link to malicious website]” sent to their mobile device via an anonymous/random spoofed phone number.

Clearly, you don’t want to click on that link as it will take you to a malicious site that will ask you for your personal information. You won’t win anything, sorry to say. Unless you count leaked personal information or identity theft to be a prize.

There is nothing new here since text message scams have been a common thing for many years, always targeting whatever the latest trending topics are. Let it be politics, insurance, promises of free money, or new electronics, these scammers will use whatever they can to squeeze you for whatever they can get without a single care for your well-being. Why the feds haven’t gone after these people to castrate them yet is a mystery. So for now, you are your best protection. Always be smart, and if you have to question it in any way, it’s probably fake.


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