PIP review warning: Claimants may face strict time limits following a claim – full details

PIP payments can help claimants with some of the extra costs associated with long term ill-health or disability. The amounts paid out will depend on how the condition affects them and not the condition itself.

Once the DWP has received this form, an independent health professional may phone the claimant for additional information.

So long as a claimant is eligible, they may be paid through two separate parts, a daily living part and mobility part.

The weekly rate for the daily living part of PIP is either £60 or £89.60.

The mobility part pays either £23.70 or £62.55 a week.

PIP is usually paid once every four weeks.

Following a claim, a decision letter will be sent out telling the claimant when their initial payment will come through, along with what day of the week they’ll usually be paid.

Should a payment date fall on a bank holiday, claimants will usually be paid on the first day before this.

Full details on PIP can be found on the Government’s website and impartial advice can be sought through the Money Advice Service.


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