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Broken voice commands are nothing new in the world of Android Auto, but according to a bunch of Samsung phone owners, the whole thing started happening in their cars only recently after an update released by the South Korean company.

While specifics on this allegedly broken Samsung update haven’t been provided, several users have confirmed in this discussion thread on Google forums that voice commands no longer work on the Galaxy S10, the Note10, and the Note20 Ultra.

Most likely, the update that these users blame is the October 2020 security patch, though right now, there’s a chance that the broken voice commands are actually caused by a glitch in Android Auto.

More specifically, these people claim that the only thing that doesn’t work after updating their phones is the support for voice commands related to navigation.

Asking Google Assistant on Android Auto to set the navigation to a specific destination returns a generic “I think you want to navigate” message with no additional information.

Exactly the same issue on Galaxy S10 while using Android Auto only. Voice navigation command is working fine when navigating without AA,” one user explains. “The only way to use voice navigation is to navigate first then start using AA. So I think that the problem is within AA app or its interactions with Google Assistant or so. I personally did all the resets, uninstall/reinstall to all related AA and Google apps. The issue is still there,” someone else adds.

At the time of writing, no workaround seems to exist, other than the one detailed by the user cited above. So technically, if you came across this problem, the solution is to first set up navigation on your phone and only then connect your device to the head unit to launch Android Auto.

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Neither Google nor Samsung acknowledged the problem, so right now, it’s still not clear if Android Auto or the latest phone update is the culprit for what’s happening here.



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