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Pepe Token Traders Migrating To Mollars Presale Boost Daily Sales 100% – CoinGape

Pepe token traders are cryptocurrency opportunists, hunting the next big thing in Initial Coin Offerings or market pumps. After a surge in google search queries for “Mollars” token presale made headlines last week, it seems the famous frog memecoin holders are leaping over.

The keyword “Mollars” has increased tremendously in brand value it appears, as the new store-of-value asset has achieved the merit of getting 50% the search volume as ‘pepe token’ on various days throughout the last month.

Pepe Token Holders React

The result of that news has sent Pepe holders into a frenzy. What appears to be several crypto shrimp, have begun feasting on the Bitcoin-rivaling token, at a rapid pace.

A glance at the two Mollars transaction addresses (ETH,USDT) reveal that since that initial report on brand popularity, sales of the initial coin offering have increased by slightly over +100% this weekend.

Last Friday the token presale had raised only $1.34-million-dollars. Today, it’s moved to $1.36-million; over a US$20,000 increase in funds raised.

Why Did The Token Presale Surge?

Perhaps this trend can also be credited to the fact Mollars token presale is nearing its close. The store-of-value token for Ethereum-blockchain will end its ICO phase on June 1st and launch on crypto exchanges. There are 3 exchanges that have already announced they will list the new ERC-20 token — Bitmart, XT.com, and LBank.

Outside of it being the tail end of the ICO, perhaps traders are also just catching wind of the projected listing price for Mollars. All exchanges are set to launch at a price of $0.62-cents, as long as the token reaches its hard cap.

Currently, the token presale price of the $MOLLARS token is only $0.55 cents. This gap between presale price and listing day projections is $0.07-cents or a +12% gain.

In the word of investments a 12% gain in less than 30 days is rare and a great profit turnover.

What if more crypto Traders take interest in Mollars?

However, with only 10-million tokens being made, if Mollars popularity continues to breach through new ceilings the listing day price will be miniscule in comparison to its long-term value.

With several analysts [see here] making impressive price predictions before 3 crypto exchanges confirmed Mollars would definitely be listed, the potential now is even higher. Over 20-million users will gain access to the $MOLLARS coin on or around the 2nd of next month [June]. The massive amount of traders seeing it, could result in the biggest spike of token sales seen to date — in fact, it’s expected.


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