Password Security: Are You At Risk? –

The Consequences of Bad Passwords

The implications for bad password management get worse, still, when you consider how common it s for users to re-use the same passwords over and over across multiple accounts. Just one of those accounts being breached could put multiple logins at risk.

To give you an insight into the nightmarish world of poor-security management, NordVPN evaluated the highest-profile data breaches so far in 2020. Among these, the following data breaches lifted vast numbers of passwords: 

Zoom credentials hack – In the first week of April 2020, more than 500,000 stolen Zoom passwords were reported to be available for sale on the dark web. Some of the credentials were given away for free, while others were sold for as little as a penny each. The credentials each contained the username, password, registered email address, host key, and personal meeting URL. 

Marriott social engineering attack – In March 2020, the Marriott Hotel Group suffered a huge data breach, which compromised the records of 5.2 million hotel guests. Hackers were able to draw off the data of 5.2 million guests by hacking the user credentials belonging to just two members of Marriott’s staff. 

easyJet credential theft – The UK-based low-cost airline easyJet announced that cybercriminals had stolen data records of 9 million customers. With Europe’s strict GDPR rules, companies that breach data protection regulations could be in for some eye-watering penalties. The law firm PGMBM filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of the affected easyJet customers for $23 billion (£18bn).


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