Passengers slam ‘Fyre Festival’ meals after being served ‘lukewarm egg sandwich with unidentified cheese’ during flight

PASSENGERS have been comparing an airline’s new “homeland” range to the iconic Fyre Festival meals, after being served limp egg and cheese sandwiches.

Lufthansa announced their new Heimat meals, which stands for home or homeland in Germany, saying passengers would “experience culinary and sustainable diversity”.

Passengers have slammed Lufthansa's new in-flight meals


Passengers have slammed Lufthansa’s new in-flight mealsCredit: One Mile at a time
He said they were served sandwiches with "some sort of spread"


He said they were served sandwiches with “some sort of spread”

However, travellers have slammed the changes, which have seen them served a measly sandwich rather than a two-course hot meal.

Ben Schlappig from One Mile At A Time shared images of the meal he was served during a 45-minute business class flight from Frankfurt to Paris.

He wrote: “I unwrapped it, and basically found (not particularly fresh-tasting) bread, cheese, and some sort of a spread. There were no accompaniments. That’s… it?”

He then added that just before landing, they were then greeted with a “basket of apples,” and he explained: “Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t particularly enjoy biting into apples when I haven’t washed my hands in a while, don’t have a knife, am not sure if the apple is clean, etc.”

He continued: “The whole meal kind of felt like that kid in elementary school who would try to trade his food with others, because it just didn’t look very appealing (and I’m being polite — I think the other comparison might be to Fyre Festival).”

Previous meals he was served revealed curries with salads, cheese boards and sweet desserts.

Traveller Matthew Klint from Live and Let’s Fly also slated the meals.

He had a similar egg sandwich while on a 10.5-hour flight from LA to Frankfurt, with the addition of a fruit pot and cereal bar.

He wrote: “You think it looks bad? You should have smelled it…

“Lukewarm egg salad on a plane with a slice of unidentified cheese and a soggy cucumber?

“Seriously, no one ate it. No one in my row, no one across from me, no one in front of me. It was pure waste.”

He also shared what he had been serviced previously which included an omelette with hash browns, spinach and a roll.

People on social media agreed.

Traveller Jason Rabinowitz wrote: “Not sure how serving a sad sandwich in plastic wrap qualifies as ‘high product quality and a strong focus on sustainability.’ Quite the opposite in both regards there.

Another person agreed with the comparison, commenting: “It looks like Fyre Festival leftovers.”

Sun Online Travel has contacted Lufthansa for comment.

British Airways customers were also left fuming last year after they forked out hundreds of pounds for flights, only to be served “disappointing” sandwiches for their inflight meals.

We’ve rounded up some of the worst plane food some passengers have been unlucky each to have during a flight.

He was also just given an apple before landing


He was also just given an apple before landingCredit: One Mile at a time
He compared it to his previous meals which were a much more lavish affair


He compared it to his previous meals which were a much more lavish affairCredit: One Mile at a time
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