Passenger on SpiceJet flight tries to open emergency door mid-air

A passenger travelling on ‘s Delhi-Varanasi flight tried to open the emergency door of the aircraft when it was mid-air, but was restrained by the flight crew and co-passengers, the airline said on Sunday.

The passenger was later handed over to the police, it said.

“On March 27, a passenger travelling on SpiceJet flight SG-2003 (Delhi-Varanasi) tried to open the emergency door of the aircraft in an abusive and aggressive state while the aircraft was airborne,” the airline’s spokesperson said in a statement.

The passenger was brought under control by the flight crew with the help of co-passengers, he said.

The crew immediately informed the captain who requested the ATC (air traffic controller) for a priority landing.

“The aircraft landed safely in Varanasi where the said passenger was handed over to the local police by CISF and SpiceJet’s security staff,” the spokesperson added.


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