Papa Kehte Hain Badnaam Karega

There is a grave question picking up momentum in the extra-judiciary space occupied by Serious India: are songs from Juhi Chawla movies harmful for the environment? The sagacious judge hearing the actor’s plea on Wednesday did think so — when he and others gathered in the virtual proceedings heard something more than matters related to the case. An unidentified man at the proceedings — Chawla had invited her ‘fans’ to turn up online and support her plea for a scientific study on any adverse effects of 5G radiation — started singing ‘Ghoonghat ki aad mein dilbar ka’ from Mahesh Bhatt’s Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke. After he was removed, he returned, churning out another number, and after another enforced exit, a final ditty from a Chawla-starrer.

One of those gathered even mentioned — adding, ‘on a lighter note’, in case he also be held in (and with) contempt —whether this invisible singing at a court proceedings was itself the adverse effect of 5G, quickly adding ‘or 4G’, lest any conflict of interest be detected. Chawla’s plea was thrown out, the judge stating that it was a ‘defective plaint’ filed only for ‘media publicity’. In that respect, his honour is quite right. And, as thattrack from QSQT, which Aamir Khan swung to, had it, ‘Papa kehte hain bada naam karega….’ Not this time, Juhi, not this time.


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