Pakistan bans Indian flights in its airspace; ask Jet airways flight to return

The Pakistanis have banned any Indian aircraft from using their airspace and has started returning Indian flights that were flying over their airspace.

Sources said that a Jet Airways flight that was flying over the Pakistani airspace was asked to return and is returning now.

“A Jet Airways flight was asked to leave the Pakistani airspace but a British Airways aircraft was allowed to flyover Pakistan,” said a senior official on the know of things.

Earlier, the Pakistani Air Traffic Control has banned any aircraft from flying below 32000 feet over their airspace anticipating attacks from the Indian side and to keep its skies free for their airspace to be used by the Pakistani Air Force. It has issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) informing all planes flying over their airspace. India has not responded with any ban.

The Pakistani Air Force today claimed that they bombarded the Indian side of Kashmir. This was in retaliation to the Indian Air Force bombarding terrorists hide-out in Pakistan.

The Indian Air Force entered the Pakistani territory and bombed a terrorist training centre in Pakistan, which is estimated to have killed about 350 terrorists.


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