'Our PM is selfish and is not driven by Covid data, but by his political interests'

Boris Johnson chose to ignore the high number of Omicron infections around England when he announced a blanket lifting of Plan B restrictions this week. However, some people will still wear face masks

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson announced the lifting of Plan B restrictions next week

Headteachers who insist that pupils still wear masks in schools should be praised, not pilloried.

They are doing the responsible thing. The same cannot be said of the Prime Minister.

While the number of Omicron cases is falling in London it is still rife in other parts of England. Boris Johnson chose to ignore this when he announced a blanket lifting of Plan B restrictions this week.

The sensible course would have been to maintain our guard until the threat posed by Omicron had subsided in every region.

The Prime Minister is not being driven by the data – despite his repeated claims – but by politically expediency.

Many believe he rushed into it because his job is on the line and he needs to curry favour with his backbenchers. It is entirely in keeping with Johnson’s behaviour that he has put his own interests ahead of those of the country.

By continuing to wear masks the public are showing better judgment than those making the rules.

Game to act

There are few more sickening trades than trophy hunting.

Killing endangered animals is not a sport but a heartless act of barbarity.

So it is depressing to read that big game hunting is still big business in the US.

The annual Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas offers bloodthirsty Americans the chance to spend tens of thousands of dollars to slaughter wild animals.

The UK government has pledged action on trophy hunting but has so far failed to bring in the necessary legislation. There is no reason for this delay. Ministers should set an example and bring in the Bill now.

The Safari Club International Convention has run for 50 years


Rowan Griffiths / Daily Mirror)

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