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OTTAWA, March 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Taleam Systems shares its recommendations in eliminating Covid-19 and achieving better health outcome for the community.

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, CEO of Taleam Systems and a Global Health researcher says, “It is acknowledged that the current reality of the declining health system in Canada and around the world doesn’t benefit anyone.” He further adds, “We need to work for the people and find a good way to work with governments in an open and transparent way.”

Taleam Systems recommends the following statements for strengthening Covid-19 efforts:

  • The governments should work in partnership with more businesses to achieve better health outcome for the people
  • The private sector doesn’t have mechanisms in place to provide direct help such as during pandemics which needs a solution fast
  • With the many resources available in the private sector, the people have the potential to see great impact in their lives
  • As businesses employ top people, governments are missing out on the full involvement of the private sector
  • Governments on all levels should allow access to health data for quick action not just reporting it to media

Meanwhile, this is the first time that governments around the world have called on its citizens to stay at home and not go outside for non-essentials.

The Coronavirus was believed to be transmitted by people who travelled from abroad but now it can be transmitted locally with over 4,000 cases already developed in Canada.

Ahmadzai concludes, “As like other businesses have done, we have also provided our computer services list to the government of Ontario and Canada as well, and we are currently waiting to hear back from them.”

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Media contact:

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai

CEO, Taleam Systems



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