Original Star Trek Enterprise Model Caught Up In Fraud Lawsuit – Giant Freakin Robot

Star Trek Enterprise model

How did all of these legal shenanigans begin? Originally, the Star Trek: The Original Series Starship Enterprise model was seemingly lost forever, vanishing from the face of the Earth as if it fell into a wormhole. Last October, however, Riach and Rivas bought a storage unit in a lien sale, and that unit was filled with various items that included the Enterprise.

Wanting to make sure they had the real thing, these two took the model to Heritage Auctions for authentication. After getting said verification, the duo got some good news: an estimate that the model would fetch about $800,000 at an auction.

They initially agreed to put the Star Trek item up for auction via Heritage in July 2024, but things got a little weird once Heritage contacted Rod Roddenberry (the son of Gene Roddenberry) about the Enterprise model.


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