Open Water Markets 101

Open Water Markets 101

The deregulated nature of the UK water supply industry gives customers a choice to select their preferred supplier. With so many business water suppliers on the market, you won’t miss an option that suits your explicit needs. However, new businesses and homeowners can find it challenging to select a reliable water supply company. Luckily, the following tips and tricks are all you need to choose the right water supplier.

Open Water Market

The water industry is deregulated. This allows you to select a supplier that suits your needs. Open water market can benefit your business in several ways. An open market can benefit customers in the following ways:

Reduced Costs 

In an open market, there is a lot of organization. Different suppliers will compete for limited customers. Thus, they will do everything to attract customers. Reducing their rates is one of the best ways of attracting customers. As a customer, you can benefit from the reduced cost. In particular, reduced water costs means paying lower water bills.

Improved Services

As stated before, different companies are looking for ways to attract more customers. They will do everything to make their services superior. For instance, they will improve their service delivery. This benefits the customers.

Reduce Management Overheads

Reduced costs mean saving money on bills. This will have a positive impact on your overheads. You can channel the saved money to other important infrastructural projects for your business.

Happy Customers

Paying lower bills means saving money. You can pass the benefits to your customers. This will make them happier, prompting them to do more business with you in the future.

How to Switch

Don’t stick to an expensive tariff. Don’t pay high rates. Don’t put up with a supplier with poor customer services. Make a switch today. Select the right supplier. Compare rates. Here are the key steps you need to switch to A new water supplier for your business.

Understand Your Habits 

Evaluate your water usage habits. Compare previous bills with current ones. To be precise, go through bills that date back to as far as 3 years ago. Analyze your consumption over the years.

Hire an energy auditor to help you understand these figures. If your business is multi-site based, audit each meter. Get the numbers from each of these meters. Determine the amount of water you use. Get the figures regarding the wastewater in your company. How much do you spend on water and wastewater in your company? Get an average monthly figure for optimal analysis.

Choose the Right Supplier 

The next step involves choosing the right supplier. Here, research is key. Patience will pay. Don’t just choose the first supplier you come across. Spend time comparing rates from different suppliers. Choose a transparent supplier, especially when it comes to the actual quoting process. Check the customer service of the supplier. Choose a transactional-based supplier. Select a supplier who offers value-added service to customers. This includes resources on water-saving tips and energy audits. Choose a supplier who is willing to give you a deal that fits into your business’s water consumption habits.

Compare Quotes 

Once you have a list of potential suppliers, compare quotes. Compare quotes from different suppliers. Remember, different companies come with different quotes. Comparing different options allows you to select the right supplier.

  • To get a quote, you need the following information:
  • The name of your organization.
  • The postal address and postcode of your organization
  • Your average annual water consumption
  • Your supply pipe ID.
  • Point of contact of your business when it comes to water-related services.

Enjoy Water Benefits

There are many benefits of switching to a good water supply. Here are the top benefits of migrating to a new water supplier:

Better prices—The deregulated nature of the water supply industry means good for customers. Suppliers will compete for customers. Often, they will try to outdo each other by lowering rates. Plus, competition means getting better services.

Bill consolidation—If you are operating a multi-site business, switching to a new supplier allows you to consolidate your bills under one supplier.

Characteristics of a Good Water Supplier

There are several water suppliers on the market. Choose the right supplier. Select a supplier who will help you save water. Stay away from exploitative water suppliers. Look at the experience of the supplier. Consider reading reviews. The following are key characteristics of a good water supplier.

Plan Specifications

A good water supply company should give you a concrete plan. They should have plans for different businesses. Depending on your needs, the plan should allow fitting into your budget. Choose a company that gives you different options.


A good water supplier should give you access to different water-related resources. This includes resources on how to save water. The supplier should be willing to teach you how to select the right rates.

Customer Care Service

A good water supplier should have an excellent customer care desk. This is where your customer needs will be addressed. Choose a company that guarantees prompt feeds. If you have a technical issue, the company should respond in real-time.


Choose a company that leverages technology when offering services. For instance, the company should invest in smart meters for easy billing. Smart meters will help you track your energy usage.  


Choose a company with a history of offering reliable services. It should not have too many cases of interruptions.


Choose a licensed company. Licensing protects the customer from exploitation. A licensed company will deliver quality services. It will supply quality water. It will also charge you based on the market prices. A licensed company will offer all its services based on industry standards. Don’t gamble with your water supply. Choose the best. Select a reputable water supplier.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t select any water supplier. Your company needs the right supplier. It requires a supplier who guarantees you clean water. You need a reliable supplier. Conduct your research. Comparer water rates. Use the above tips and tricks to select the right water supplier for your business. 

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