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Astra Digital is open for all startup from various industry. We open ourselves to see how we can collaborate and add value for both parties, both for Astra and startups

Jakarta (ANTARA) – PT Astra Digital Internasional (Astra Digital), as a part of the Astra Group, is open to investing in or collaborating with startups across industries, the company’s director, Wiwie Yudiyanto, has said.

“Astra Digital is open for all startups from various industry. We open ourselves to see how we can collaborate and add value for both parties, both for Astra and startups,” Yudiyanto said during an online workshop here on Friday.

Astra Digital has invested in and collaborated with a number of digital startups such as Gojek, Sayurbox, and Halodoc, he informed.

The Astra Group, through Astra Digital, has collaborated with Gojek to create GoFleet, a service that helps Gojek drivers in vehicle provision, he said.

Meanwhile, Astra Group has invested in Sayurbox and Halodoc as part of a strategic initiative to accelerate digital transformation, he informed.

Sayurbox is an online platform through which people can order and purchase vegetables and fruits that are harvested and delivered to them the same day by farmers.

Meanwhile, Halodoc is a digital health platform that allows customers across Indonesia to get direct health consultations from more than 20 thousand doctors anywhere and anytime.

In the long-term, Astra Digital Internasional will focus on three goals, Yudiyanto revealed. The first is to continue what it has done, which is to grow its existing portfolio and try a number of new initiatives related to digitalization, he said.

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“Second, Astra Digital will continue to conduct digital investment that could potentially create value and synergize with the Astra Group,” he added.

Third, Astra Digital will improve digital competencies which, in addition to supporting Astra Digital’s internal portfolio, would also support business units under the Astra Group, he said.

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