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One Piece fans excited after Iñaki Godoy posts video with a camel; will season 2 feature this manga arc?

Iñaki Godoy, known for portraying Monkey D Luffy in Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece, has ignited curiosity among fans with a mysterious video. As season 1 concludes with the Arlong Park arc, viewers are eager to unravel the potential storyline of season 2. A recent post from the One Piece Netflix Fan Twitter account featuring Godoy alongside a camel has fueled speculations about the next arc in the beloved manga’s adaptation.

Godoy’s Cryptic Video:

In a playful video recorded alongside a camel, Godoy, set to attend the Middle East Film & Comic Con in Abu Dhabi, left fans intrigued. The caption featured two camel emojis, prompting speculation about the connection to Eyelash, the Straw Hat crew’s animal companion during the Arabasta Arc. This enigmatic post has fueled theories about the direction season 2 might take.

Where Will Season 2 Take the Straw Hat Crew?

As One Piece season 2 is in early development, fans are eager to unravel the journey of Luffy and his crew. Clues from the conclusion of season 1, including a vengeful alliance between Buggy and Alvida, and the appearance of an ominous Marine Captain, suggest a potential adaptation of the Loguetown arc. However, Godoy’s video hints at the Arabasta Arc, raising questions about the crew’s next destination.

Arabasta Saga and Its Significance:

The Arabasta Saga in the original One Piece manga spanned thirteen volumes and 117 chapters, culminating in the titular arc. This saga introduced iconic characters such as Nico Robin, Portgas D. Ace, Vivi, and Crocodile, presenting Luffy with formidable challenges. An Arabasta Saga adaptation for Netflix’s One Piece season 2 could not only expand the crew and the show’s world but also elevate the stakes for Luffy.

Speculations and Excitement:

With the potential length and depth of an Arabasta Saga adaptation, fans are eager to see which story beats and characters will be incorporated into the live-action series. Godoy’s playful post may be a nod to his current events, but it has ignited fervent speculation about the anticipated season 2. Viewers are buzzing with excitement, eagerly awaiting the unfolding of the live-action adaptation’s future.


How many hours is 1,000 episodes of One Piece?

With a colossal episode count exceeding 1,000, One Piece has secured its place as one of the longest-running anime series in history. Its inception in October 1999 initiated an unbroken chain of new episodes. Should you undertake a marathon without interruptions or sleep, the cumulative viewing time would reach 420.8 hours or 17.53 days.

Is One Piece still on Netflix?

Presently, US subscribers can access 20 seasons of One Piece, comprising 498 episodes that span from the beginning of the East Blue Saga to the conclusion of the Marineford Arc. Given that One Piece has over 1000 episodes, Netflix still has a considerable number of episodes to acquire to complete the series.

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