One More Android Auto Feature Broken Down After the Latest Android Update – autoevolution

With Android 11 finally available for the first devices, it goes without saying that many people rush to install it, especially because it brings lots of improvements on so many fronts.

But on the other hand, as far as Android Auto users are concerned, updating their devices to Android Auto seems to be a Russian roulette, as they could end up losing essential functionality in their cars.

First of all, it’s the Calendar app that goes missing all of a sudden for some. Google has already confirmed that this only happens on devices not running Android Auto 5.6, so the workaround here is to just update to this latest version of the app.

Then, it’s the music playback cutting off in all players, including Spotify and YouTube Music. An official fix here doesn’t exist, but some say that disabling the wireless mode of Android Auto does the trick.

And now, users are complaining of broken phone calls, as making or receiving calls on Android Auto after the phone was updated to Android 11 is no longer possible.

Making or receiving phone calls is impossible now in android auto. All calls get rerouted to the phone with no option to use the car head unit. Did try a new USB cable and the issue continued. I did use wireless Android Auto and the issue still continued. The only thing that has worked was reverting back to android 10 on the August security patch,” one Google Pixel 4a owner who has recently installed Android 11 explained on Google’s forums.

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So technically, what happens is that whenever you try to make a call or someone calls you, the audio isn’t sent to your car’s speakers and the phone UI only shows up on the mobile devices.

Needless to say, this isn’t necessarily good news for Android Auto since it’s making it more difficult to make or receive calls behind the wheel, so hopefully, Google is already looking into it and working on a fix.



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