NRL 2020 returns: Brisbane Broncos v Parramatta Eels in Round 3 – live!



Sport! Real, actual, professional live sport! It’s been what seems like an age since Australians last had the chance to watch a sporting event, but here we are, finally, with the NRL – trailblazers in their own way – on the cusp of becoming the first major league in the country to get back down to business on a pitch.

It’s been exactly 67 days since the referee’s whistle brought an end to the NRL as we knew it, back on 22 March, before the Covid-19 pandemic brought the league – and all sport around the globe, with a few notable exceptions (hello Belarus!) – to a shuddering halt.

Sixty-seven days of initial uncertainty, which gradually gave way to optimism and finally, a date of 28 May set in stone as the day the NRL would resume. That, of course, massively simplifies the process the league has gone through to get to this point – the ups and downs, the barriers hurdled or simply ran around, the bonkers plans that never got off the ground (RIP NRL Island) – but more on all that to come as we count down to kick-off at Suncorp Stadium.

Brisbane and Parramatta – the latter who were involved in that final, pre-shutdown game – have the honour of getting things back up and running tonight and, regardless of the significance of the event in its broader context, it should be a belter of a match.

Stick with is throughout the afternoon. Send an email if you wish ( or tweet @mike_hytner if that’s more your thing. To say there are plenty of discussion points is an understatement. It’s *checks clock* exactly 2:52pm AEST, and that means there are…





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