North-east firm’s community fund gives thousands to good causes

An independent firm has raised more than £650,000 for the community – and says its charitable actions have been good for business too.

Muckle LLP has handed out almost 700 grants, totalling £658,169.80, through its charitable fund to 470 different community projects, charities and local good causes over the past two decades.

The north-east firm donates 1% of its annual profits through its community fund to local causes that fit one of three areas: supporting and helping young people, helping overcome disadvantages and improving social mobility.

Senior partner Hugh Welch, who helped start the community fund, said: ‘I always felt very strongly that we as lawyers have a quite privileged position in society and I have always felt that we should use our influence and knowledge to contribute back to the community and help those who are, in all sorts of ways, less fortunate than we are.

‘If we can help, I believe we should do so. We first support projects that people in the firm have a personal interest or involvement in. They can make an application for a grant to support that project. That works well and helps people here with things they personally care about. It shows the firm’s commitment to people who work here.’

As well as the community fund, Muckle encourages staff to volunteer with each employee given two additional days of holiday, pro bono work is supported and charities, who could not otherwise afford it, can receive unpaid legal advice. 

Welch said: ‘We do it because it is the right thing to do. However, it also helps us. The business community are aware of us as a result of the investments we have made [in the community].

‘It shows we are about more than just making money. We have to be successful and drive profit but the majority of our people [in an internal survey] said they were proud to work in the firm. That pride comes from seeing there is more than making profit for partner’s pockets.

‘A number of younger people now, when they are looking for firms to join, drill down on what does that firm stand for, what are its values, does it live its values and I think we do.’


Pictured above, from left: Will McKay (Muckle LLP) Sara Worsick (Muckle LLP) Becky Morrison (Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice) Martha Pardoe (Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice) Emma Rogerson (Carlisle Youth Zone) Hugh Welch (Muckle LLP) Georgia Sproat (Muckle LLP)


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