No singing or dancing at pubs or bars under fresh laws – or venues face fines or being shut down

PEOPLE in England can no longer sing or dance at pubs or bars or the venue could face £1000 fines and be shut down, it was announced today.

Under new legislation quietly slipped out last night, it takes the guidance that was given to hospitality venues and makes them into law.

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Pubs have to make sure their customers aren't singing or dancing or they will face fines


Pubs have to make sure their customers aren’t singing or dancing or they will face finesCredit: AFP – Getty

It means pubs, cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels must stop people from singing on the premises in groups of more than six.

No one is allowed to dance at all on the premise either.

And the music must not exceed 85 decibels unless it’s a music gig or other live music performance.

There are exceptions for weddings and other performances, however.

The managers or owners of the venues can be held responsible if people break the rules – but individual people won’t be fined for singing and dancing at the moment.

If there are repeat offences, the pubs could get fines of a total of £4,000 – and health and safety bosses can even attempt to shut the venues down too.

Pubs and restaurants were last week ordered to shut at 10pm as part of new measures to stop the spread too – to a furious backlash.

And groups gathered outside in the streets and packed onto public transport after being booted out of venues.

But fresh figures showed most new infections are coming from schools and offices, and not from pubs and other hospitality venues.

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It comes as Downing Street hasn’t been able to say today whether the new rule of six and other measures are working yet.

Cass are continuing to go up across the country despite swatches of new measures.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “What you continue to see in the statistics that have been published in recent days is that infection rates are rising across the country and in all age groups.

“We have introduced a package of measures over the course of recent weeks and the intention of those is to bring the virus under control.”

Today more fines were introduced in England for people who don’t self-isolate when they’re told to by track and trace.

From today people can be slapped with fines for;

  • Failing to isolate after a positive test (£1,000, or up to £10,000 for multiple breaches)
  • Recklessly leaving self-isolation to put someone else in danger by coming into contact with others (£4,000)
  • Failing to tell track and trace who you came into contact with (£1,000)
  • Falsely saying you came into contact with someone when you didn’t (£1,000)
  • Not telling your employer you need to self-isolate (£50)
  • If your kids under 18 have to isolate and they don’t (£1,000)
  • If your employer forces you to work they can face a £1000 fine
  • Under new rules in England wedding ceremonies will also be restricted to 15 people
Weddings will be exempt from the new laws


Weddings will be exempt from the new lawsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The new laws came into force at midnight last night without any debate from MPs.

Some are furious they have still had no chance to discuss or debate them before becoming law.

Boris Johnson is under mounting pressure to give Parliament greater power to debate and vote on coronavirus restrictions, with more than 50 Tory MPs signalling they could revolt on the matter.

They want to give a Parliamentary lock on whether to introduce new measures.

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle is due to choose whether to put the amendment to a vote on Wednesday.

If he does, there may be enough support for the Government to be defeated.


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