‘No chance!’ – Goran Ivanisevic, Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski rate Andy Murray’s chances of winning another Grand Slam

Murray may not win another major (Picture: Getty)

Andy Murray has ‘no chance’ of winning another Grand Slam, according to Novak Djokovic’s coach Goran Ivanisevic.

In many ways, it’s not an overly controversial claim. Murray has, after all, undergone a dramatic hip resurfacing operation – which is laid bare in his new documentary ‘Resurfacing’ on Amazon Prime Video – and yet, few would publicly write off such a great champion.

The timing is also perhaps strange given Murray won a tour-level title in Antwerp last month. His strenght and conditioning coach, Matt Little, revealed just yesterday that Murray had hit some of the top speeds of his career during his European Open win.

Ivanisevic doubts Murray can win another major title (Picture: AFP via Getty)

But Ivanisevic, a former Wimbledon champion, believes winning a fourth Grand Slam would be a step too far for the Scot.

‘No. A Slam, no chance,’ Ivanisevic said ahead of his Champions Tennis appearance at the Royal Albert Hall.

‘But he can make some surprises, he can go far but to win I don’t think that he can survive seven matches – best of five.

‘If he’s healthy and the hip is okay I don’t think that anyone wants to play against Andy next year. He’s a great competitor and when he steps on the court, he wants to win. He’s not good for the opponents!

‘It’s going to be good. I don’t know what ranking, it’s tough to say no, but if he’s healthy he can be up there.’

Former British No. 1 Greg Rusedski agreed that health is key to Murray’s future chances.

Rusedski believes health is key (Picture: Getty Images)

Rusedski said: ‘If he can stay healthy… Also I like that way that he is more relaxed in matches as well – he’s putting less pressure on himself – so if he can keep that mentality. He also says that he doesn’t want to play as much as well. So I think that probably between 20-50 [in the ATP rankings] is a realistic point of view.

‘And, he’s still getting enjoyment out of it as well. He’s an unbelievable competitor and what he has accomplished. We saw the Resurfacing Documentary – the hip surgery and seeing a metal socket being put in there is quite unbelievable. It’s an amazing story.

‘He’s the only British man to win an ATP tour event this year as well, that just shows what an amazing, amazing competitor he is and his desire to actually come back.

‘Most people, wouldn’t be accomplishing what he’s done. It’s up there, from an emotional point of view and a satisfaction point of view, with his major trophies. It was an incredible accomplishment.’

Tim Henman, unlike Ivanisevic, was unwilling to completely rule out Murray’s chances of winning a major and suggested he may use quotes from the Croat to spur him on.

‘I don’t think “can’t” is the right word, I think that it’s incredibly difficult as everyone has alluded to,’ said Henman, who will captain Murray at the ATP Cup next year. ‘Fit, healthy, young and playing the best tennis of your life it’s still incredibly difficult.

Henman wouldn’t rule Murray out (Picture: Getty Images for HSBC)

‘The challenge with the best of five set matches is massive but we all know that with Andy if you say that he can’t do something, he loves to prove people wrong.

‘I think it’s very unlikely but I would never, with all of these top guys it’s very dangerous to write them off. It will be very, very difficult.’


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