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WALL, N.J., Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NJFX, the innovative leader in carrier-neutral colocation and subsea infrastructure, announces the appointment of Thomas Schemly as Enterprise Solutions Architect.

Mr. Schemly’s expertise in network design across various sectors has been crucial to his success in strategic partnership development. His deep understanding of global network architecture has been instrumental in designing robust networks for the financial industry. Mr. Schemly’s career is marked by successful partnerships, managing major accounts, and spearheading sales strategies that drives enterprise and cloud solutions.

NJFX General Manager, Felix Seda said, “Over the last seven years, NJFX has provided me the opportunity to forge close relationships with our ecosystem of carriers and understand the nuances of their network architecture. Tom’s experience and insight into the needs of the enterprise community will bring a unique perspective and solidify NJFX’s value in creating an interconnection hub focused on network transparency.”

NJFX has created a new purpose built standard for interconnecting carrier grade networks outside of any major U.S. city. Today, 35 global and U.S. based operators are present at NJFX with multinational banks starting to deploy their core network nodes for a “never down strategy”. The NJFX campus is also where the major cloud operators have their global backbones physically connecting to transatlantic cables to Europe and South America. Enterprise customers looking for true diversity can interconnect at a layer one level with their preferred network connectivity partners.

“Tom’s addition to our team marks a significant stride in our unwavering commitment to the enterprise sector. His depth of knowledge and industry acumen is critical to maintaining the high standard of network security, transparency, and personal engagement that our C-level partners expect”, said Gil Santaliz, CEO of NJFX. “With real-time data transactions estimated 2 billion per minute globally, Tom’s role is instrumental in ensuring that enterprises achieve the network diversity essential in today’s digital ecosystem.”

Reflecting on his new role, Schemly comments, “With over 25 years of experience in designing and implementing intricate networks for financial and other various sectors, I am committed to a diversity-first approach. The team at NJFX has developed a state-of-the-art, carrier-grade data center located outside the NJ/NYC Metro Market. This facility surpasses current industry standards, promoting network transparency and collaboration among our ecosystem. I look forward to driving the enterprise architecture and continuing NJFX’s tradition of excellence.”

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