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DALLAS, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nimbix, a leading high-performance computing (HPC) cloud platform provider, today announced immediate availability of the new Nimbix Cloud Everywhere initiative, delivering a Single Pane of Glass to HPC and supercomputing applications converged with Kubernetes across any high performance infrastructure.  With over a decade of experience running large scale HPC applications in the Nimbix Cloud across its multiple datacenters, Nimbix is unveiling its new hybrid service and software offering, enabling customers to deploy HPC work on any Kubernetes-enabled infrastructure including their own HPC clusters, any cloud provider or any combination of both. 

Run HPC Workloads Anywhere with Centralized Control

Customers considering cloud for HPC or a mixture of cloud with on-premises infrastructure can leverage the Nimbix platform to deploy and manage all of their compute endpoints with a unified processing API or single web user interface for their entire global deployment for all of their HPC and AI applications.

The new Nimbix Cloud offering is made possible by JARVICE™ XE, Nimbix’s flagship HPC software platform, and HyperHub™, Nimbix’s application marketplace for HPC and AI.  Using enterprise features of JARVICE, customers may download and deploy JARVICE Cloud Pack on an unlimited number of compute clusters or clouds to synchronize HPC applications and workflows and control the cloud infrastructure.  Customers do not have to “spin up instances” or provide complex scaffolding to manage HPC jobs sent to the cloud.  Using JARVICE’s advanced HPC Hybrid Scheduler and Kubernetes autoscaler, elastic cloud compute capacity seamlessly expands and contracts based on the jobs submitted, dramatically reducing costs while maintaining industry-leading ease of use.

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Simplify HPC for Enterprise

The Nimbix Cloud and JARVICE XE integrate Nimbix’s pioneering patented technology that takes traditional tightly coupled HPC applications not designed for running in modern Linux containers and enables them to run in containerized environments on any infrastructure.  This means that customers can take both commercial HPC applications as well as their own internally developed applications and algorithms and immediately integrate them into any cloud computing provider in a self-service way.

“While the majority of Enterprises are on a hybrid or multi-cloud trajectory, many technical computing workloads (e.g., HPC and distributed AI) often remain in complex monolithic enclaves, forcing IT departments to bifurcate deployment strategies between sets of use cases.  This raises concerns of cost, security, and ongoing operational overhead. Nimbix Cloud Everywhere, powered by JARVICE XE and HyperHub, takes the burden out of “lift and shift” of these workloads, while immediately modernizing their user experience and capabilities.  And with the flexibility of the JARVICE Cloud Pack, customers can now quickly prove this concept with minimal risk and cost, on whatever infrastructure they choose.”, said Leo Reiter, Nimbix CTO and SVP of Product.

Nimbix and Google Cloud Support

Nimbix Cloud Everywhere and JARVICE XE deploy and run seamlessly on Google Kubernetes Engine in Google Cloud, making it possible for customers to be up and running in minutes, not months. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) from Google Cloud provides one of the most seamless deployment and operational experiences for the Nimbix environment. Google Cloud’s wide range of high-performance and accelerated computing storage and networking options, global presence, and scale, as well as industry-leading Kubernetes capabilities make it a natural target for originating or extending an Enterprise JARVICE XE implementation.

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“Many organizations are looking to take advantage of the unmatched scale and economics the     public cloud can provide for HPC workloads,” said Bill Magro, Chief Technologist of HPC, Google Cloud. “Nimbix’s latest offerings provide the performance and compatibility HPC users demand, while providing quick and easy deployment on Google Cloud. We are excited to see how Nimbix helps companies quickly deploy cloud-native and hybrid HPC workloads onto Google Cloud.”

Nimbix Cloud and Intel Everywhere

Powered by Intel Xeon CPUs for over a decade, the Nimbix Cloud has helped customers around the world process mission-critical workloads. Now with Nimbix Cloud Everywhere and JARVICE XE, customers can operate the most advanced HPC workflows both on Intel on-premises and in any cloud. Customers may deploy Intel’s latest HPC optimizations both in their on-premises clusters as well as on any Intel-powered cloud provider with JARVICE XE and JARVICE Cloud Pack.

“At Intel, we know that some of the world’s most important discoveries depend on high performance computing. With our comprehensive HPC portfolio and Nimbix JARVICE platform, customers can seamlessly blend the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors and devices on premises and in the cloud, helping them achieve outstanding performance across diverse workloads,” said Trish Damkroger, vice president and general manager of High Performance Computing, Data Platforms Group at Intel.

VMware Tanzu and JARVICE XE

With VMware Tanzu, enterprises can ready infrastructure for modern hybrid cloud apps with consistent, conformant Kubernetes everywhere, while also gaining a multi-cloud view of all deployed infrastructure. JARVICE XE installs seamlessly on Tanzu to enable enterprises to converge their HPC workloads, dramatically simplifying user experience.

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Nimbix Cloud Everywhere is available immediately. Customers can download the JARVICE Cloud Pack to use on any cloud or infrastructure; licensing for the Cloud Pack and HPC applications can be activated through contacting a Nimbix representative. Reach out to your Nimbix rep for more information on a trial program for Nimbix Cloud Everywhere on Google Cloud, which is available today. For more information, visit us at

About Nimbix

Nimbix is the leading provider of purpose-built cloud for HPC, Machine Learning, and AI applications. Its JARVICE™ XE multi-cloud HPC platform brings the power of JARVICE™ and the Nimbix Cloud to any on-premises cluster or multi-cloud environment, dramatically simplifying computing for HPC and AI applications within Energy, Life Sciences, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, and other industries. For more information, visit:

Media Contact: Cristina White, [email protected]


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