Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party could end up STOPPING Brexit claims expert

Brexit Party candidates are standing in 275 seats across the country and a political expert has warned by running in the general election, the party’s “only achievement” could be to stop Brexit. Joe Armitage, a parliamentary procedure expert, has claimed Nigel Farage’s party will not win any seats on December 12 and warned its candidates could deprive Boris Johnson of winning a parliamentary majority. He said if the Brexit Party splits the Leave vote in key constituencies, enabling Labour Party MPs to snatch the highly sought-after seats, Mr Farage’s party could actually stop Brexit from happening altogether.

Mr Armitage, a senior associate at Global Counsel, told “There is every potential for them [the Brexit Party] to take away the Labour leave supporting voters that the Conservative party otherwise would have been able to get, in the seats that are critical for the Conservative party.”

He said this risks “depriving the ability of the Tories to win”.

The political expert added: “They won’t win any seats.

“It’s more how many seats will they stop the Conservatives from winning.

“That’s the biggest effect they are going to have on this election.”

Mr Armitage asked what benefits the Brexit Party will get from running in the election and even suggested its effect could be to stop Brexit.

He said: “What is the benefit for the Brexit Party?

“If they don’t get any seats their main achievement in this general election might be to stop Brexit.”

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A similar outcome is likely to occur if the opposition parties club together to form a minority government, with the Lib Dems promising to revoke Article 50 and the SNP also vying for a second referendum.

But the current election polls indicate Britain is headed for a Tory majority.

YouGov’s detailed seat-by-seat analysis, published by The Times on Wednesday night, predicted the Tories would win 359 seats, compared to Labour’s 211.

It would be Labour’s second-worst defeat since the Second World War, with Mr Corbyn’s total just two above Michael Foot’s 1983 colossal defeat.

Jo Swinson’s party is also set to make losses, with the pollsters predicting the Lib Dems will win just 13 seats.

The results are based on more than 100,000 interviews carried out over seven days.



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