Next iPhone Update Confirmed to Bring at Least One Anticipated CarPlay Fix – autoevolution

The next iPhone operating system update will also include one critical fix for CarPlay users, and the release is expected to take place as soon as the following week.
First of all, some context. As we know already, not everybody listens to music while driving, as some people would rather play a podcast or audio stories.

Apple knows this very well, which is why the company has included audio story support in the modern News app that it offers on the iPhone. Of course, the News app comes with CarPlay integration as well; therefore you can listen to audio stories without touching the iPhone and all by browsing the options displayed on the head unit.

On the other hand, not everything is working exactly as expected, and in the current iOS versions, CarPlay forgets to resume the audio stories when the playback is interrupted because of navigation or Siri’s responses. In other words, whenever these kick in, the audio story you’re listening to is automatically paused without eventually resuming.

As it turns out, Apple has resolved the problem in iOS 14.4. This particular OS version is currently in beta testing, and a few hours ago, the company released the RC version to developers and public beta users. Given it’s already Friday, and this is a release candidate, we now expect iOS 14.4 to go live for all iPhones out there next week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.

There are several other improvements in this iOS update, but only the News app fix is specifically aimed at CarPlay. For example, the new update allows smaller QR codes to be recognized by the camera app while also introducing Bluetooth improvements for headphones identification.

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Like the previous versions of the operating system, iOS 14.4 will be available for the iPhone 6s and newer models, and it will show up on devices at General > Software update.



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