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Big Data Exchange (BDx), Asia-Pacific’s
premier data center solutions provider, and EXA Infrastructure, the largest
dedicated digital infrastructure platform connecting Europe and North America, announced a strategic partnership that will offer enterprises a
one-stop-shop to access digital infrastructure services around the world.

Through this global
alliance, the companies will now provide an expanded geographical footprint for their product portfolios with BDx
and EXA Infrastructure enabling existing and new customers to quickly access
data centers and complementing services across North America, Europe, and Asia
seamlessly. By joining forces, they will meet today’s enterprise and hyperscale
requirements with a single interface for data center, hybrid managed services,
and dynamic connectivity solutions. 

BDx and EXA
Infrastructure will unlock new opportunities for organizations to straddle the
globe seamlessly, leveraging:

BDx’s six Asia-Pacific
facilities and EXA Infrastructure’s 14 Tier 3-equivalent edge data centers
in Europe and North America, where customers can requisition rack and
power at each other’s facilities. 

  • EXA Infrastructure’s
    network, spanning more than 103,000 kilometers across Europe and North
    America, crossing the Atlantic via three wholly owned and operated subsea
    cables, including EXA Express, the fastest transatlantic route
  • 360°View’s colocation hybrid
    infrastructure management platform, which will enable customers – once the
    system has been fully deployed – to view and manage their connected
    infrastructure assets across BDx and EXA facilities through a single
    interface with standardized reporting mechanisms and carbon tracking

“Our largest
customers with the greatest capacity need global infrastructure, and they
create their own networks digital infrastructure. Our new global alliance gives
them the ability to access that from us as a one-stop-shop,” said Andrew
Haynes, EVP Product & Technology of EXA Infrastructure. “It means they can
buy infrastructure from one provider across the most influential markets and fast-growing
digital economies, including parts of the Asia-Pacific region where e-Commerce
and gaming are two important data growth drivers. As both businesses are under
the ISquared Capital umbrella, it was a natural fit for us to join forces, and
our partnership gives customers a powerful new option.”   

EXA Infrastructure
customers now have access to premier data center environments across key
markets in the Asia-Pacific region. BDx’s customers have global on-demand
connectivity capabilities, allowing all customers to expand their geographical
reach across key locations in Europe or the Atlantic coast with just one EXA

“The new
partnership positions BDx as Asia’s gateway into Europe and North America
through EXA Infrastructure’s network,” said Sujit Panda, CTO of BDx. “With
BDx’s strength as a provider of data center services across the Asia-Pacific
region paired with EXA Infrastructure’s strong hyperscale internet backbone,
our customers truly have access to the top-performing connectivity environments
worldwide, enabling their surge into cloud environments and drive their
critical digital transformation seamlessly. Our integrated ability not only
enables transformation, but also increases sustainability and offers the
ability to meet end users closer to where they are.”          

This union
effectively gives customers looking to expand their footprint unmatched
connectivity, reaching 31 countries, over 500+ PoPs (Points of Presence), and
access to 720+ million end users. Moreover, it allows connectivity into major
data centers, cloud on-ramps, peering hubs, and content hubs.

Source: Big Data Exchange (BDx) media announcement



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