Newly established honey bee business enters into Enterprise Challenge – KIMA CBS 29

YAKIMA, Wash.- A newly established honey bee business in Yakima has entered into this year’s enterprise challenge.

Holly and Benjamin Johnson started their own honey bottling service nearly two years ago.

Holben Honey sells and delivers freshly made honey that’s all created here locally.

The couple has also spent the last five years helping other new bee keepers in the community get started into their career.

The couple tells Action News if they win the enterprise challenge, they would use the prize money to expand their business and help Yakima’s economy.

“It would help up out a lot. It would help out with inventory, additional equipment that we need to purchase, we would probably hire some employees and give back to the community,” said HolBen Owner Benjamin Johnson.

Holben sell’s their honey at a few places in Yakima:

Sundance Espresso – 1934, 406 S 1st St, Selah, WA 98942

Union Gap Carniceria Inc – 909 Ahtanum Rd, Union Gap, WA 98903

Margaret’s Apple Cart Deli – 220 Naches Ave, PO Box 333 Naches, Washington 98937

They also sell online, and deliver to your doorstep.


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