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New York Coin: One of First 300 Cryptos Listed at CoinMarketCap – openPR

new york coin, nyc coin, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, crypto, cryptocurrency, blockchain, coinmarketcap

new york coin, nyc coin, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, crypto, cryptocurrency, blockchain, coinmarketcap

CoinMarketCap ( https://coinmarketcap.com ) is one of the most popular and trusted websites in the cryptocurrency arena. It is also one of the oldest. CoinMarketCap provides market cap rankings, price, available supply, daily trading volume, charts, and more for over 5,000 cryptocurrency coins and tokens. It also provides historical snapshots, currency converter calculators, API plug-ins, an events calendar, and watchlist for users to personalize. CoinMarketCap is the original aggregator of cryptocurrencies since launching in 2013, ranking them by market capitalization, that is available for users to research free of charge since inception. They currently receive over 20 million unique visitors monthly from a worldwide audience.

Bitcoin ( https://bitcoin.org ), the original cryptocurrency launched by a developer(s) using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, was the 1st cryptocurrency listed at CoinMarketCap. Introducing the world to the brilliance of the blockchain and it’s anonymous, open transaction ledger which enabled a trustless, decentralized worldwide peer-to-peer currency; free from the centralization and control of traditional fiat currencies by government.

Litecoin ( https://litecoin.org ), launched by ex-Google software engineer Charlie Lee in 2011, claimed the 2nd listing at CoinMarketCap. Litecoin changed Bitcoin’s SHA-256 hashing algorithm to scrypt-based, making specialized ASIC’s more costly to produce, and lowered Bitcoin’s block confirmation time from 10 minutes to 2.5 minutes. Litecoin also significantly reduced fees to send and receive funds on their network. A faster, cheaper, “lighter” version of Bitcoin.

Namecoin (symbol: NMC), the first fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, was the 3rd cryptocurrency added to CoinMarketCap. Namecoin basically cloned Bitcoin’s code (21M total supply, identical block reward and halving schedule, SHA-256 hashing algorithm and a 10 minute block time). Namecoin was essentially the first token (copy of an existing blockchain with only a name change), not making any major changes to the underlying code; similar to ERC-20 tokens of today.

Anyone can easily check the order of coin listings at CoinMarketCap by visiting their “Tools” tab on the respective page for a cryptocurrency and checking the unique “data-currencyid” number assigned. As of this writing, CoinMarketCap has listed over 5,365 coins and tokens on their website. Many tokens or coins with no major improvements to the underlying code simply don’t make the cut for a new listing these days. A “coin” is defined as a cryptocurrency that can operate independently. A “token” is a cryptocurrency that depends on another cryptocurrency as a platform to operate; all ERC-20 tokens rely on the Ethereum blockchain for their functionality.

Ethereum ( https://ethereum.org ), launched by developer Vitalik Buterin in 2015, claimed the 1,027th addition to CoinMarketCap. Ethereum is a blockchain-based platform featuring smart contract functionality. In addition to being a P2P money transfer system, Ethereum is designed with a goal of building decentralized applications. Ethereum also has a very fast block confirmation time of just 15 seconds and currently holds 2nd place, behind Bitcoin, for total market capitalization.

New York Coin ( https://nycoin.net ), launched in early 2014 by an unknown developer(s), was the 298th cryptocurrency to ever be listed at CoinMarketCap. New York Coin is a fork of the Litecoin blockchain with an even further reduced block time to 30 seconds and has completely eliminated fees for sending and receiving funds worldwide. New York Coin is the earliest free and lighting-fast crypto in existence, ideal for retail use and other time-sensitive daily consumer transactions. Named after the fast pace of New York City, New York Coin enables a no cost merchant services platform and a free worldwide remittance network. NYC Coin is a lightning-fast, free version of Litecoin; retail cryptocurrency.

Charlie Kartchner, Crypto Writer
167 Mott St
New York, NY 10013

In January 2018, during the last Bitcoin supercycle, New York Coin (symbol: NYC) market capitalization skyrocketed 1,000% within days and peaked at over $125,000,000 USD with NYC coins exchanging hands for up to $0.0012 each. New York Coin market cap currently hovers near all-time lows at around $1,000,000 USD presenting savvy investors with a very rare opportunity for early Bitcoin ROI potential.

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