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New Redeemable Cryptocurrency Cana Token Launches, Backed

New Redeemable Cryptocurrency Cana Token Launches, Backed by Cannabis SeedsInteractive Cannabis Token Website Encourages Public to Voice Opinions with Rewards
LIVERPOOL, UK — November 5, 2020 — Today, Cana Token announced the launch of a new way of doing business with a cryptocurrency token linked to cannabis seeds. The token, named “Cana,” is exchanged online as an interactive, redeemable crypto-backed product linked to users’ public perception of popular and valuable cannabis seeds. Its website,, has a section for real time public user polls to decide exactly which seed strains the company will grow and allow to be redeemable. Redemptions will go live once the first grow cycle is finished.
Co Founder Ben Squires explains the concept, saying, “I have created a crypto currency token which is backed to the value of prime cannabis seeds. People who participate and vote can claim redemption seeds for tokens. Another fun way of being a part of Cana Token is through an online forum that will pay people in Cana Tokens to get involved with the community and post content. Finally, we offer a growers’ network allowing growers to trade genetics among each other and sell their products through a decentralized platform. We encourage our clients to buy tokens through the website”
Cana Token can be found on the crypto exchanges vindax, Uniswap, and Bitcratic. Crypto tokens, also sometimes crypto assets, are units of virtual currency tokens that sit inside their own blockchain ledgers. They typically represent an asset or utility. In the case of Cana Token, the asset value is backed by cannabis seeds.
Cana Token is planning a physical store launching in Liverpool during 2021 for redemptions, a seed bank, crypto selling including Cana Tokens and as a community meet-up location for like-minded people.
For more information go to and the store

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Hi im Ben Squires The creator of cannabis seed token.

In 2017 i created cannabis seed token, a product backed cryptocurrency that is redeemable through this store for cannabis seeds that our growing partners produce with the community choosing what strains they would like us to grow through the public polls page.

After a couple of years of planning the token was finally launched in 2020 and it can be traded on platform’s such at Vindax , Uniswap , Bitcratic, and more to follow in time.

By creating Cana Forums this will help people get crypto without having to spend anything , we give users tokens for creating posts and posting on topics. also by user reputation. all tokens will be processed manually .

The Growers network is a marketplace where anybody can sell there seeds through the platform and trade genetics with other growers.

We have now created this store so people can vote , redeem Cana Tokens for redemption seeds , 1 cana token = 1 cannabis seed

Before 2021 cana token will have a outlet in Liverpool selling seeds and cryptocurrency’s, and a place our first place for in person redemption’s

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