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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Two Albuquerque, New Mexico based start-ups are partnering to battle COVID-19 and provide a safer entertainment environment for local residents. There is a media demo and education day THURS May 28.

Electric Playhouse (EP) and Build with Robots (BwR) offer good news for ABQ in this time of the pandemic with health concerns and economic hardship. In conjunction with Electric Playhouse’s reopening, and following strict government guidelines for public safety, one of New Mexico’s newest immersive entertainment sensations is partnering with Build with Robots to leverage innovative automated cleaning and disinfecting services. This will help provide Electric Playhouse with an improved, safer environment for residents to enjoy.

Each night, utilizing state of the art robotics technology from Build with Robots, an automated ‘bot’ named Breezy One is used to thoroughly disinfect the physical environment of the Electric Playhouse. This was a rapid engineering feat, created by the small Build With Robots engineering team. The company’s Founder, Chris Ziomek, noted, “I am in awe of what our engineering team was able to produce in such a short time when faced with this global threat to worker well-being.”

The powerful, but non-toxic, spray was developed by another local institution, Sandia National Laboratories, also headquartered in Albuquerque.  This nightly treatment, in addition to the regular cleaning done by EP staff throughout the day, enables the location to be ready and available to the public as a safe, family entertainment destination.  

The partnering businesses are working with the City of ABQ through the Economic Development and Cultural Affairs offices. Mayor Tim Keller noted, “I’m excited, but not surprised, to see local innovators stepping up to adapt to this challenging time and be of service to Burquenos. These efforts continue to build community, even if that looks a little different right now.”

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The two companies together plan to employ 100 local staff this calendar year. Each is based in ABQ and intends to grow their local headquarters as they expand and offer their services nationwide. This is great news in challenging economic times and reflects the ingenuity of our local populace and start-up culture.

About Electric Playhouse

Electric Playhouse is an immersive entertainment company offering digital projection software putting you in the middle of a video game with no equipment. Its mission is to bring healthy active play for the young and old alike.

This Albuquerque based start-up company’s flagship location opened in West Bluff (off Coors Blvd) January, 2020. It is a provisionally certified B Corp, registered in Delaware and operating in New Mexico. It has 50 employees and is growing to 100.

Electric Playhouse landlord and investor, Paul Silverman of Geltmore, LLC shared, “We are pleased to partner with fellow Albuquerque start-up Build with Robots. Bringing the next generation of cleaning services to our space – we totally get it.”

About Build with Robots

Build With Robots believes in the dignity and value of work and is using robotics technology to safely and thoroughly disinfect the Electric Playhouse. Workers will safely and confidently return to the jobs they love and welcome the city of Albuquerque back to fun.

Media Contact:

Electric Playhouse, John-Mark Collins, [email protected],  216-577-8088

Build with Robots, Drew Tulchin, [email protected], 505-715-6927

SOURCE Electric Playhouse

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