New Hampshire Makes It Legal To Drive Flying Cars On The Road, Jetsons Would Approve – Carscoops

New Hampshire has passed a law to allow flying cars to be driven on local roads, becoming the first state in the U.S. to do so.

Known as the “Jetson Law,” provisions have been made to allow owners of flying cars to drive from airports to their final destination. As such, it doesn’t allow flying cars to take off or land on public roads.

According to Fox News, the law requires the FAA-registered vehicles to have license plates but not necessarily the same safety equipment as light passenger cars. A committee will be established to study the on-road use of the vehicles.

Samson Switchblade

A handful of companies are trying their hand at making flying cars a reality. Among the ‘flying cars’ unveiled in recent years are the Terrafugia Transition, Samson Switchblade, and PAL-V Liberty. All three are available for reservations but have yet to hit the production line, let alone the streets – or airstrips.

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“This is a landmark event, and early adopters of this type of state legislation will be the leaders of a new transportation technology,” Samson Sky chief executive Sam Bousfield told Union Leader after the announcement of the Jetson Law. “This is something the public has been yearning for decades to see.”

The idea of flying cars has been around for more than a century. In fact, the Curtiss Autoplane is considered to be the first ‘roadable aircraft’ and was created as early as 1917. Will flying cars ever become commonplace? Only time will tell, but we have our reservations.

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PAL-V Liberty



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