New curriculum addition is making kids more creative and better at problem solving

Coding is an addition to the curriculum that has only been around a few years, but it turns out there’s way more to learning code than just a bunch of confusing numbers. It’s defined as ‘the study of algorithmic processes, computational machines and computation itself’- which is a mouthful but it is actually very beneficial.

A study by OKdo has shown that children who have been taught computer science skills are more likely to be better at maths, problem solving, creative thinking, teamwork and even time management.

The full study called ‘Broader Benefits of Leading to Code’ features surveys run with nearly 7,000 UK parents who have children aged five to 16, as well as active primary and secondary school teachers.

It revealed that 96 percent of teachers have seen first-hand evidence that educating children in computer science helps develop other useful skills, alongside general IT abilities.

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Clare Ford, expert educator and founder at SwitchedON! said: “Computer science education is fabulous for ‘starting with the end in mind’ and then reverse engineering – taking logical steps, one at a time, to create a bigger picture. This approach builds a growth mindset.”

Richard Curtin, SVP of technology at OKdo added: “We have long believed that computer science education gives kids more than just the obvious IT skills – it is also helping children to improve their confidence in teamwork, problem-solving, communication and much more.

“It’s also clearly very effective at improving mathematics skills – 81 percent of the maths teachers we spoke to say they’ve seen first-hand that coding in particular helps numerical competence too.”


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