New-age career lifecycle management platform, GENLEAP, wants to help you choose the right career

If not for destiny, celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor or Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra may not have found their calling. Sanjeev Kapoor accidentally signed up for a hotel management course in his quest to do something different. Similarly, Neeraj Chopra was only trying to lose weight when he discovered javelin throwing. And the rest is history. The two celebrities were at the right place at the right time. But such stories of serendipitously finding one’s intended destiny is not limited to celebrities alone-they are all around us. You may find a successful engineer ultimately finding solace in running a gourmet patisserie. Or more commonly you will find a student being pushed by parents to opt for ‘science’ subjects in class 11 simply because he or she secured a high percentage in 10th board exams and not because the child has any inclination towards science. This child will take much longer to discover his or her potential and hidden abilities.

Discovering one’s innate abilities may not always be easy, but if a child’s hidden potential is uncovered early on, the parents get a longer duration to nurture their child on the relevant track. This can go a long way in children having a fulfilling and happy life.

Currently, psychometric testing methods are the most popular format for discovering one’s mental aptitude. Still, these tests give only a one-dimensional understanding of a person, and moreover, the validity of the results are time-period sensitive. Therefore, there is a need to ascertain and discover more dimensions like mental strength and genetic disposition that gives a broader idea of what a person is capable of. Recognising this need, a lifecycle career management platform called GENLEAP wants to help individuals discover their talent and strengths in multiple dimensions and ensure that they benefit from this ecosystem with relevant upskilling partners, counsellors, mentors and employers.

“Our mission is to help people leverage their inherent talent and give them the right environment so that they accomplish the best version of themselves. Our platform enables people to discover their unique qualities – personality, talent, interests; and connects them to relevant partners for nurturing and development – be it hobbies, life skills or careers – so that they live a purposeful and fulfilling life,” says GENLEAP, Founder and co-CEO, Nimish Gupta.

Once a user enrols on the platform, he or she will undertake three types of evaluations. First, a saliva sample is collected right from their doorstep for DNA testing. This will be followed by psychometric testing. The user will need to share the date, time and location of birth for astromancy. Based on these three data points, the platform will come up with the top 10 career choices for the child or adult.

“We guide you through the ordeals on your self-discovery journey, helping you to get new experiences, enjoy the process without extra effort, trial and error, to the re-invention of your best self. The journey of self-discovery starts with decoding the inner core. We help you introspect and precisely measure trait-based aspects of personality and talent by juxtaposing factual data from three proven knowledge streams – genomics, psychometrics, astromancy,” claims Sachin Sandhir, founder and co-CEO GENLEAP.

Sachin adds that it is not merely limited to these tests. The company also connects individuals to an ecosystem of schools, colleges, ed-tech and career tech platforms and employers – channelising the right talent with relevant upskilling to make them happy and efficient people.

“I find the assessment system developed by GENLEAP extremely innovative, creative and comprehensive. Whether as a student, researcher or an employee, one can deliver best only when the potential of the individual resonates with the spectrum of day-to-day activities,” says Chairman of National Board of Accreditation, Professor KK Aggarwal said in a statement.

Psychologist Riddhi Doshi Patel says we live in a time when there are thousands of career options and disciplines to choose from. “It can be difficult to decide what is best for your child and in which discipline your child would do best. A self-discovery platform like GENLEAP will be of great benefit in identifying talent early and getting skilled in those areas,” she says.

The career management platform will be formally launched for the public in January 2022, and the cost for each program will be Rs 10,000 initially.

The company has already raised Rs 60 crore or $8 million in a seed round of funding from a group of angel investors.

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