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Lagos based fintech company, NetPlusDotCom, announced a webinar series focused on helping businesses with digital transformation; the first part of the series set for June 3rd  begins with a Webinar on eCommerce and digital payments.

As the whole world slowly reopens after several weeks of lockdown, we should not expect things to go back to the way they used to be, the world has changed and there will be an emergence of a new normal.

There are clear economic indicators showing that we are entering a deep global recession and an ongoing debate about what shape the global economy will take as it starts.

Some argue the recovery will be quick, other economists disagree and believe that it will take several years for things to bounce back. Whichever side you believe, one thing is clear, businesses around the world are already impacted, some so bad that they won’t survive and it is already happening, as earlier this week, US car rental giant, Hertz filed for bankruptcy for a chance to restructure.

What the post-COVID-19 era for businesses will look like is anyone’s guess, but one theory is emerging and already being validated – Digital Transformation – this means leveraging technology as a driver for your business across various functions and indicators.

This will be very important and specifically for SMEs who are generally used to conducting business in certain ways. This transformation may not come naturally or organically but will require deliberate and concerted effort.

At the minimum, these (3) areas must be explored in thinking about Digital Transformation:

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Digital Payment, an essential part of Digital Transformation for SMEs post Covid-19 – NetPlus Announces Free Live Webinar

  1. Driving Sales/Revenue using Digital Tools – business must learn to reach customers digitally, there is going to be fierce competition and those that will thrive must device new customer engagement strategy.
  2. Lowering cost through Digital Tools – this is key as businesses must manage their asset and increase their runway by leveraging today’s tools to serve customers tomorrow.
  3. Refocusing – businesses may have to choose and narrow their offerings, backed with digital tools.

NetPlus understands this and so is organizing this webinar which is focused on helping business owners through the challenges presented in managing their businesses during this COVID-19 era and especially after.

The tech firm has also announced a relaunch of its payment gateway, NetPlusPay 2.0, which will allow Nigerian businesses receive and reconcile payments from anywhere in the world using cards and directly from bank accounts.

Online, specifically, contactless payments have received increasing interest from all over the globe since the rise of the Coronavirus pandemic. The question however is, how reliable are the existing platforms?

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The world has largely become dependent on online transactions and many are predicting a continuous superiority of the digital payments trend over cash, even post the pandemic. Unfortunately, we are seeing a higher number of failed transactions and many suggest that this is possibly due to the saturation on these platforms.

Digital Payment, an essential part of Digital Transformation for SMEs post Covid-19 – NetPlus Announces Free Live Webinar

NetPlus answers this question or maybe concern with the launch of her revamped payment gateway.

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The Product lead, Emeka Akano, who will be the champion for the Series, told TechRoundUp that “NetPlus 2.0 has been redesigned and readapted to carry on the increasing numbers of people relying on digital payments through this unprecedented times.

“We are 100% confident that our solution will seamlessly eliminate the concern of business owners as regards receiving payments and also serve as an alternative gateway for those with existing solutions, but requires reliable alternatives.

“We won’t assume that people may not already have an existing solution, what we are saying is it won’t hurt to have a reliable alternative hence, NetPlus 2.0, and this is how confident we are of what we have created.”

For information on how to register for the webinar;

please visit: www.




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