Nestle India to release campaigns to 'reassure consumers', after global reports about 'unhealthy portfolio':

is releasing a series of ad campaigns across mainstream platforms starting Sunday with the objective of ‘reassuring’ consumers, days after an international report cited an internal company presentation stating that more than 60% of its food and drinks portfolio is unhealthy.

A Nestle India spokesperson said the company is rolling out the campaign over the next few days. “We care about what matters to them (consumers), what concerns them and we are there for them if they have any questions or suggestions,” the spokesperson said.

The Vevey-headquartered Nestle SA has been in the centre of controversy amid mounting international pressure and scrutiny over its portfolio of foods and beverages.

After The Financial Times reported earlier this week that it had seen an internal presentation circulated among top executives which said that over 60% of Nestle’s mainstream food and drinks portfolio could not be considered healthy under a “recognised definition of health”, the world’s largest packaged foods company said it is ‘working on a new healthier foods strategy’.

“Recent reports have questioned the healthfulness of Nestle products, because a global internal working document was reported out of context. The portfolio analysis only covers about half the global sales, since several prominent categories were not included,” the spokesperson said.

Nestle India, which makes Maggi noodles and KitKat chocolate, said its approach “as a responsible company is to always communicate with consumers on facts”. The spokesperson claimed that with the global portfolio as a whole, less than 30% would not meet stringent external “healthfulness” standards, mostly representing indulgent products, and acceptable in moderation as part of “healthy and enjoyable diets”.

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Recent moves by Nestle India towards further portfolio transformation include expanding its Munch chocolate franchise with fruits and nuts, a spinach-infused Maggi noodles variant and health drink Milo with nine micronutrients.



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