Nearly new buying guide: Volkswagen Tiguan

Recalls There have been a surprising number, ranging from collapsing seat backrests to incorrect fuses, so check they’ve been actioned.

Engine Some owners have reported coolant leaks, so keep an eye out for these. 

Transmission Some owners have complained about issues with the DSG gearbox so be sure to check that changes are smooth and quiet and that the gearbox doesn’t ‘thump’ when the vehicle comes to a stop. Pulling away can be a little jerky even with a healthy ’box but that’s more an issue with throttle control.

Interior If a sunroof is fitted, check it’s watertight and for damp carpets. 


Need to know

The optional Dynamic Chassis Control system will have cost the first owner around £800 and is worth seeking out. It offers three ride settings: Sport, Comfort and Normal. Comfort mode takes the edge off the slightly firm suspension, especially at low speeds around town on poor roads.

SE spec goes one better than basic S by enabling smartphone mirroring in the touchscreen display. For the best media set-up, look for Discover Nav Pro plus the optional Volkswagen Media Control.


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